Bloem Water was established as “Bloem Area Water” by the then Department of Water Affairs in 1991 to operate the Caledon/ Bloemfontein Government Water Scheme and supply water to the Municipal areas of Bloemfontein, Bainsvlei, Bloemspruit, Botshabelo and Dewetsdorp. The name was officially gazetted and changed to Bloem Water. Bloem Water operates and accounts for its activities in accordance with the Water Services Act, Act 108 of 1997, and the Public Finance Management Act (PFMA), Act No. 1 of 1999, as amended. The entity is listed as a Schedule 3B National Government Business Enterprise that reports to the Minister of Water and Sanitation as the Executive Authority, through the Board as the Accounting Authority.

In 1995, areas of service were extended to include towns in the Southern Free State: Bethulie and Philippolis followed by Thaba ‘Nchu district, a former homeland with 42 rural villages, located 65 km east of Bloemfontein and lastly Excelsior, located in the Eastern Free State.


Bloem Water has been in existence for more than two decades and having celebrated its 25th anniversary it continues to service a population in excess of 1.2 million. It operates in areas spanning three Water Service Authorities (Municipalities): Mangaung Metropolitan Municipality, Mantsopa Local Municipality, and Kopanong Local Municipality. The Organisation operates in three Regions, named after their source namely: Modder River, Caledon River and Orange River, with a total of seven water treatment works. The head office is located in Bloemfontein; Brandkop in the Caledon River Region houses the biggest reservoir of all its operations and conduit hydropower plant that is also the first of its kind in the energy generating sector.


The primary activities of Bloem Water, as declared in section 29 of the Water Services Act, is to provide bulk water services to other water services institutions in its service area. In addition, section 30 of the Act, makes provision for Bloem Water to perform other activities (secondary), and provided these activities do not negatively impact the entity’s ability to perform its primary activities.

Other activities may include, but are not limited to:

 a) providing management services, training and other support services to water services institutions, in order to promote co-operation in the provision of water services;

 b) supplying untreated or non-potable water to end users who do not use the water for household purposes;

 c) providing catchment management services to or on behalf of the responsible authorities;

 d) with the approval of the water services authority having jurisdiction in the area—

    i) supplying water directly for industrial use;

    ii) accepting industrial effluent; and

    iii) acting as a water services provider to consumers;

 e) providing water services in a joint venture with water services authorities; and

 f) performing water conservation functions.


Jacques van Delft: Electrical Artisan, Caledon River Region:

Explaining the Conduit Hydropower Plant operation


Bloem Water adopted the following strategies:


  • Expand and grow the business in line with Regional Water Utility approach implemented in the sector via Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS) Institutional Reform and Realignment Project by expanding to areas not serviced within the Region.
  • A sound long-term and financing strategy will be developed, mindful of the growth strategy, which will incorporate aggressive pursuit and channeling of grant and other national funding for water infrastructure.
  • Strategic asset management strategy and infrastructure plan will be developed and implemented to improve decisions on asset investment, maintenance, disposal and replacement
  • Implement a marketing plan that is fully integrated with communication plan to create brand awareness, coordinate communication efforts and create competitive advantage.
  • Optimise skills and expertise to create an institution capable of attracting and retaining skilled people, with training and development programs based on skills gaps.
  • Stakeholder engagement is central to the organisation’s effectiveness. Bloem Water will improve stakeholder management and partnerships with all stakeholders within the value chain through benchmarking, knowledge-sharing and skills transfer with its stakeholders.

Caledon Region

Welbedacht Dam





Tel: (051) 583 1919

Fax: (051) 442 5333

Modder Region

Rustfontein Dam





Tel: (051) 442 7000

Fax: (051) 442 7003

Orange Region

2 Park Avenue





Tel: (051) 763 0486

Fax: (051) 763 0595

Head Office

Free State





Tel: (051) 403 0800

Fax: (051) 442 5333


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