Corporate Social Responsibility


The Board supports corporate social investment and has identified school hygiene projects as part of sanitation initiatives within the disadvantaged schools in the area of supply. The purpose is to improve water and sanitation services in the schools and create awareness for hygiene and water related matters.


During the year 2017/2018, 54 schools were identified and provided with the services of minor toilet renovation, plumbing, deep cleaning and supply of health and hygiene material. The deep cleaning scope was to deep clean the toilets, repair and replace toilet seats, pots, cisterns, urinals, hand wash basins, cleaning material/equipment and to supply sanitary towels as requested by the Portfolio Committee on Water and Sanitation in 2017.


In order to sustain this programme, an annual competition is held during the World Toilet Day to promote continuous maintenance by the school/parent committees that have been assisted by Bloem Water.


Name of the Project

 Number of Schools District / Municipality Summary Description of the project

Minor Renovations and Water Related School Project 18 Mangaung Metro Municipality Repairing of toilet leaks and taps.  Unblock manholes, sewer systems. and septic tanks.  Do the connections to the toilets for flushing. Repair all leaks in the toilets


School Deep Cleaning Supply and deliver the cleaning material  36 Mangaung Metro Municipality  Deep cleaning, tanks, refurbish toilets. Replace hand basins, repair and replace urinals, replace toilet pots. Supply and deliver cleaning material and health and hygiene equipment. Conduct an awareness after completion of works



Projects Undertaken during 2017/18

World Toilet Day – Health and Hygiene Programme


World Toilet Day as recognised by United Nations is celebrated annually on the 19 November. In commemorating the 2017 World Toilet Day, under the theme “Waste Not”, Bloem Water in partnership with the schools that have been participating in the Toilet Schools Health and Hygiene Programme took part in the competition for the best school which has continued in the upkeeping and cleanliness of their toilets. This annual competition focuses on ensuring sustainability and ownership from the Schools Governing Bodies, the learners and teachers resulting in good gains of the Programme and sustainability after the project has been completed. This creates community awareness for healthy water and sanitation practices and thus reduces and curbs the high probability of water borne diseases and educes absenteeism or disruption of learning activities at school. The prizes for the top three schools include amongst others: the yearly supply of cleaning material, consumables like sanitizers and toilet paper.


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