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POSITION: Chief Risk Officer


LOCATION: Bloemfontein




  • Develop  Risk Management Framework and ensure  compliance: (Policy, Strategy, Risk classification, identification and assessment  processes);
  • Serve as a secretariat for Risk Management committee;
  • Compile reports and departmental risk registers for submission to the Board
  •  and its Committees;
  • Ensure external risk reporting to stakeholders;
  • Assist Management with  identification of Strategic Risk during strategic
  •  Planning Sessions;
  • Support business  units  in identification, assessment  and prioritization of risks;
  • Obtain  monthly I quarterly reports on implementation of action  plans;
  • Evaluate effectiveness of actions to mitigate risks identified and report
  •  progress  on implementation of action  plans to the Risk Committee;
  • Monitor  Integration and reporting of risk management processes
  • Facilitate  organization risk management committee training and orientation;
  • Training  of all stakeholders In their  risk management function;
  • Communicate risk management framework  and create awareness
  • Perform all other assignments as assigned  from time  to time.




  • B Com/Relevant qualification;
  • 2 - 3 years relevant experience;
  • Risk management skills;
  • Computer Proficiency;
  • Valid Drivers' License;
  • Good Report Writing skills;
  • Good verbal communication





POSITION: Construction Safety  Officer


LOCATION: Bloemfontein Office




  • Responsible  for developing and implementing health  & safety  programmes according  to OHSAS 18001, OHS Act,Environmental Legislative requirements and the by-laws on  projects in collaboration with Site SHEQ Officers and Project Management Office,
  • Management and administration of Safety  systems requirements on site
  • Attend  Site Safety  meetings and advises Site or Project  Management on all material, equipment and safety  related matters
  • Assist in developing and documenting of safety  standards/operating procedures for construction and policies
  • Creating awareness on OHS systems  to employees
  • Assisting  in the minimization of health, safety  and environmental risks through ongoing  identification of health,safety and environmental hazards and Risk Assessments.
  • Incident monitoring (tracking) and follow  up on corrective and preventative actions
  • Compile reports on site incidents
  • Analyse all applicable records to identify negative/positive trends. Initiate and effectively implement controls to obviate a recurrence of similar occurrences
  • Establish inspection schedules  for all tools, major equipment, lifting devices and mobile equipment to ensure  safe operating conditions and compliance with current regulations
  • Conducts safety  training formally/informally and on the spot to all site workers
  • Prepare and submit monthly inspection reports
  • Conducting  and leading  the Incident investigation team
  • Assist with the review  and alignment of policies with legislative requirements
  • Assist in developing continuous quality improvement and safety  programs
  • Perform  all other  reasonable and related assignments as required from  time to time




  • Safety certificate or relevant qualification
  • Relevant National Diploma  1 degree will be an added advantage
  • 3 years on site SHEQ related, risk management and construction management experience
  • Knowledge of all relevant legislations
  • A Valid Drivers' License
  • Problem solving skills and ability to handle  pressure.
  • Conflict management skills
  • Effective  communication skills In liaising  with clients, contractors,sub­-contractors and employees.





POSITION: Network Administrator


LOCATION: Bloemfontein Office




     • Monitor network performance and ensure that the network performs optimally

     • Troubleshoot and resolve all network related faults (WAN ; LAN ; APN ;VPN)

     • Configure network infrastructure and perform network upgrades;

     • Ensure LAN, WAN, APN and VPN network availability;

     • Monitor network  capacity and planning

     •  Evaluating network performance issues including bandwidth  utilization, bottlenecks etc.

     • Produce quarterly  network utilization and analysis reports to Manager

     • Monitor network utilization  for suspicious traffic  and trends

     • Define network policies and procedures

     • Secure network by developing network access, monitoring,control, and evaluation; maintaining documentation.

     • Perform vulnerability  assessments on the network at least twice a year.

     • Monitor disaster recovery;

     • Obtain input on equipment procurement;

     • Ensure mitigation  and review of risk frequency;

     • Give inputs on IT Policies and SOP's;

     • Participate in professional bodies;

     • Adhere to Health and Safety protocols;

     • Perform all reasonable and related assignments as directed from time to time.




  • National Diploma In IT or B degree in IT;
  • 2 to 3 years' experience in IT Networks;
  • A+;  N+ ;
  • Thorough understanding and knowledge in LANS,WAN's and Wireless
  • Networks;
  • Excellent knowledge of TCP/IP Networking;
  • Experience in installing and configuring;
  • Excessive knowledge in troubleshooting networks problems; Knowledge of VPN and APN Networks;
  • Sound Communication Skills; Sound Interpersonal Skills; Report Writing Skills.




POSITION: HelpDesk Administrator


LOCATION: Bloemfontein Office




      • Record and manage all IT requests and incidents through a service desk system;

      • Provide first line support to users;

      • Assign requests to technicians

      • Assist in Repairing, maintenance and replacement of faulty equipment;

      • Training users In proper use of IT equipment;

      • Oversee preparation of IT equipment before distribution;

      • Receive and distribute IT equipment;

      •  Analyse and provide helpdesk reports to supervisors/manager;

      • Develop daily, weekly and monthly reports on Service Desk Team's productivity;

      •  Ensure real time helpdesk data is available at all time;

      •  Manage data integrity of the helpdesk system;

      • Liaise with third-party support and equipment vendors;

      • Coordinate and record all IT changes;

      • Supervise daily activities and provide guidance to the IT Technicians;

      • Proactively lead and develop performance of the team through performance management;

      • Observe Health and Safety protocols at all time;

      •  Perform all other reasonable and related assignments as directed from time to time;




  • National Diploma: IT/B  degree In IT;
  • 2 years in IT (A+,!TIL,MCSA, N+);
  • Experience in desktop IT support and helpdesk
  • Knowledge on Microsoft products (Office, Outlook), software and hardware support;
  • Valid Driver's License,
  • Sound Communication Skills; Analytical Skills;
  • Customer orientated
  • Excellent technical knowledge In IT





POSITION: Asistant Manager: IT Systems and Security (Replacement of the initial advertisement.)


LOCATION: Bloemfontein Office




      • Monitor, mitigate  and manage all IT related security threats;

      • Manage and monitor desktop and server security;

      • Manage the vulnerability  assessment schedule and manage the addressing of all vulnerabilities  quarterly;

      • Manage the network traffic  of suspicions and manage review thereof;

      • Manage the implementation of best practices within the network;

      • Manage plan for security audit on all network/computer /database


      • Manager the security incident reporting;

      • Manage and monitor overall endpoint protection;

      • Implement IT Security Policies and Procedures;

      • Manager and monitor access to network resources;

      • Manage remote/VPN/APN access to networks;

      • Manage firewalls;

      • Manage server /systems Infrastructure;

      • Manage systems availability  and performance;

      • Ensure mitigation and review of risks;

      • Manage day-to day activities of staff;

      • Supervise and provide guidance to staff;

      • Proactively lead and develop the performance of team members through

          performance management,resource review and planning,training and development to meet organizational needs;

      •  Perform all other reasonable and related assignments as directed from time to time




  • National Diploma in IT/B degree in IT;
  • Valid EB driver's license;
  • 4 - 5 years' IT experience;
  • Knowledge in IT and IT Security Knowledge in deploying systems;
  • Supervisory skills;
  • Security Skills; Analytical Skills;
  • Sound Communication Skills;
  • Report Writing Skills;
  • Decision Making Skills;
  • Good planning and time management skills





POSITION: IT Technician


LOCATION: Bloemfontein Office(2)




       • Attend and resolve all IT requests logged on the service desk system;

      • Provide telephone (1st line and 2 nd line support); remote and on-site technical assistance to all Bloem Water users

      • Attend and troubleshoot all hardware,software related calls

      • Resolve all  queries within agreed service levels;

      • Train personnel in respective software/systems used;

      • Preform preventative  maintenance on hardware and software infrastructure

      • Deploy new hardware/software and perform all software/hardware upgrades

      • Evaluate, test and ensure compatibility and capability of hardware and software

      • Provide printer and mobile devices support;

      • Provide technical support on all Bloem Water systems Including telephony; biometric, CCTV etc.

      • Administer emergency power supply;

      • Perform all reasonable and related assignments as directed from time to time.




  • Relevant IT qualification;
  • A+;
  • At least 2-3 years' relevant IT experience
  • Experience in desktop support
  • Experience in Microsoft products (Office, Outlook; Windows 7/10 etc.) Experience in troubleshooting IT hardware and software issues;
  • Experiences in first and second line support;
  • IT technical skills;
  • Interpersonal Skills;
  • Good Customer Skills;
  • Problem Solving skills
  • Valid Drivers' license.




POSITION: Manager Training & Development


LOCATION: Bloemfontein Office




      • Manage the learning and professional development of Bloem Water's workforce.

      • Equip staff with the knowledge, practical skills and motivation to meet

        operational requirements

      • Ensure that all training  is captured on the HR system per employee

      •  Identify training  and development needs through job analysis, consideration

        of analysis of Performance Enhancement System identified  training  needs and regular consultation with managers on training  needs

      • Budget management;

      • Produce training  materials  for In-house courses;

      • Development and maintenance of the training  strategy and training

        policies/standard  operating procedures;

      • Monitor and review the progress of trainees through questionnaires and discussions with managers;

      • Ensure that statutory training  requirements/submissions are met;

      • Evaluating training  and development  programmes;

      • All assignments directed from time to time

      • Coordinate and engage the Training Committee  with specific focus on learning

        and organizational development in support of delivering  overall business objectives.

      • Develop annual training  plan for all employees and consolidate Individual

        Development Plans

      • Plan, prepare and complete the necessary grant application

      • Submissions of the AnnualTraining  Plan and Report to EWSETA

      • Conduct regular skills audits and determine  scarce and critical skills

      • Compile reports and submit to  Executive.

      • Identify  training  needs for Training Committee

      • Manage the allocation of bursaries in terms of the Policy

      • Supervise and Manage training  team

      • All reasonable and relevant assignments as required from time to time




  • Relevant B degree
  • 3 -5 years' experience in a training  and development  environment
  • Computer Proficiency
  • Valid Drivers' License
  • Sound Communication Skills
  • Sound Human Relations
  • Report Writing






POSITION: Skills Development Facilitator


LOCATION: Bloemfontein Office




      • Assist the employer and employees to develop a Workplace Skills Plan (WSP)

      • Submit the WSP and Annual Training Plan to the EWSETA.

      • Advise the employer on the implementation of the WSP

      • Assist the employer to draft an Annual Training Report (ATR) on the

        implementation of the WSP

      • Advice the employer on the quality assurance requirement set by the relevant

        Sector Education Authorities(Seta)

      • Act as a contact person between the employer and the Seta.

      • Serve as a resource with regards to all aspects of Skills Development

      •  Communicate SETA initiatives, grants application processes and benefits to the employer.

      • Advice the employers and employee on the National Skills Develop Action

         Plans for the institution

      • Facilitate and monitor  the career planning process

      •  Monitor and support Individual career progress

      •· Investigate and analyse the status of the literacy levels in the organization

      •  Perform all other reasonable and related assignments as directed from time to time




  • Grade 12
  • 2 years training related experience Experience in Human Resources Computer Proficiency
  • Knowledge of SETA's





POSITION: Administrative Officer Training


LOCATION: Bloemfontein Office




      •  Develop and assist with the Implementation of a comprehensive training plan

      • Assist with skills audit for all employees

      • Capture workplace skills plan and progress

      • Keep and maintain  Departmental  filing

      • Handle procurement of the department and keep record for quarterly  report purposes

      • Report on implementation of Training plan and WSP

      • Observe health and safety protocols

      • Render administrative support to co-ordinate,arrange and effect training as per developed training  plan

      • Communicate training  dates timeously  to employees and supervisors

      • Arrange and confirm training  venues

      • Arrange and confirm travel and accommodation bookings

      •  Ensure feedback is provided to employees applying for Financial Assistance from the Board

      • Arrange quarterly  workshops on BW training  policies and procedures

      •  Keep and maintain  all related documents on personnel files and electronic filing system.

      •  Monthly budget expenditure monitoring to ensure expenses are within  10% of approved budget

      • All reasonable relevant  assignments as directed from time to time




  • Grade 12
  • National Diploma will be an advantage
  • 2 years relevant  experience in training  and administration
  • Computer proficiency
  • Knowledge of SETA's






POSITION: Assistant Manager: Health and Wellness


LOCATION: Bloemfontein Office




      • Develop and implement a Wellness Strategy for Bloem Water

      • Manage and administer policies and programs to promote wellness programs to employees

      • Promote specific activities aimed to improve employee health,wellness  and fitness

      • Manage subordinates staff In the day-to-day  performance of their jobs

      • Ensure that project/department milestones/goals  are met

      • Develop and manage a budget to satisfy the wellness needs and planned activities

      • Prepare quarterly wellness reports that Includes measuring of the impact on organizational wellness

      • Analyse wellness activities  in terms of participation, impact and relevance

      • Manage and ensure compliance of procurement  process for wellness initiatives

      • Conduct wellness sessions In all regions

      • Perform all other assignments as assigned from time to time




  • Relevant B degree
  • At least 5 years' experience In organizational wellness
  • 3 years supervisory experience
  • Computer Proficiency
  • Valid Drivers' License
  • Sound Communication Skills (verbal & written





POSITION: Supply Chain Officer


LOCATION: Bloemfontein Office




      • Provide assistance  with  registering suppliers on Central Supplier Database

        (National Treasury);

      • Providing support to departments on service  providers on CSD;

      • Verify that  submissions have the required attachments: quotations,tax clearance, BBBEE certificates and CSD Reports;

      • Responsible  for uploading of appointment letters for Departmental (HR, cs, 0 & M and CAPEX projects)

      • Maintaining registers for contracts and manage according  to contract duration dates;

      • Responsible  for compiling appointment letters for the regions  and for the tender  awards;

      • Providing  support to departments on copies of appointment letters and Service Level Agreements;

      • Responsible for departmental procurement, appointments, payments and compilation of submissions;

      • Assisting  with  procurement procedures and recording on the system;

      • Providing  information relating to BBBEE procurement;

      • Responsible  for completion of credit  applications;

      • Responsible for distribution of tender  documents and handling of queries;

      • Render support during  closing/opening of tenders;

      • Represent SCM during  tender  briefing sessions;

      • Give inputs  with  regards to monthly and or quarterly reports;

      • Responsible for updating and maintenance of the deviations register;

      • Responsible for updating the contract register  and administrative arrangements of Service Level Agreements;

      • Responsible for coordinating Quotations Committee Meetings; preparation of attendance registers and documents to be discussed;

      • Typing of agendas and minutes of Quotations Committee Meetings and filed thereof;

      • Responsible for preparation of submissions: Sectional appointments and payments and Appointments from Quotations Committee and circulate for                    signatures until  approval stage;

      • Responsible for preparation of BEC and BAC packs for submission to secretariat.

      • Perform all other assignments as assigned  from time  to time




  • Grade 12
  • National Diploma  will be an added advantage;
  • 3 - 5 years' experience In supply  chain;
  • Computer Proficiency;
  • Knowledge  of PFMA and Treasury  Practice Notes;
  • Experience  on Bid Committees;




POSITION: Asset Management Manager (Replacement of the initial advertisement.)


LOCATION: Bloemfontein Office




  • Strategic Asset Management
  • Develop a model for depreciation of assets in line with Financial Reporting standards
  • Determine life-span of assets, budget and replace accordingly
  • Performing of year-end activities in terms of computerized system
  • Develop standard asset management practices
  • Administer the procurement of assets and ensure recording in register and bar coding
  • Responsible for asset disposal policy
  • Participate and evaluate appropriate funding strategies for procurement of assets
  • Disposal of obsolete vehicles
  • Procurement of heavy vehicles, vehicles and equipment
  • Prepare asset and operating budget and projections
  • Approve orders and expenditure in terms of delegation of authority
  • Compiling and submitting reports on all asset related activities
  • Liaison with regions on asset management
  • Liaison with auditors on asset management
  • Keeping track of the movement of assets and asset allocations
  • Game Management
  • Strategic and operational stock control
  • Logistics management related to stores, inventory management




  • B Degree / National Diploma / Appropriate qualification
  • Valid EB driver’s License
  • 3 - 5 years’ related experience
  • Computer Literate
  • Problem solving
  • Team Player





POSITION: Asset Management Officer


LOCATION: Bloemfontein Office




      • Keep track of the movement  of assets and asset allocations

      • Keep and maintain  asset register

      • Maintain the model of depreciation of assets in line with !FRS requirements

      • Perform year-end activities  In terms of computerized  systems

      • Perform Asset verifications

      • Create awareness of and comply with standard asset management  practices

      • Assist in the disposal of assets

      • Involvement in insurance claims and review processes

      • Ensure recording of all assets In register and bar coding

      • Assist with the procurement  requirements of heavy vehicles,vehicles  and equipment

      • Assist with the preparing operating  budget and projections

      • Compile and submit reports on all asset related activities

      • Liaise with regions on asset management

      • Liaise with auditors on asset management

      • Monitor the assets and tools In the loan stores of the regions

      • All additional functions as operational requirements  of the organization dictates




  • Grade 12
  • 2- 3 years Asset management experience National Diploma will be an added advantage Computer Proficiency
  • Knowledge of Computerised Financial/Asset Management System
  • Sound communication skills (verbal & Written)




POSITION: Financial Officer (Replacement of the initial advertisement.)


LOCATION: Bloemfontein Office




• Billing of Accounts

• Debt Collection

• Inventory Management

• Autofleet Account Management

• Corporate Card Management

• Petty Cash Supervision

• Supervision of Subordinates (Debtors and Inventory Clerks)

• Compilation of Reports

• Debtors and Bank Reconciliation

• All assignments as directed from time to time






• Grade 12

• B degree will be an advantage

• Valid EB Drivers' License

• Computer Literacy

• Knowledge of Computerized Financial System

• 2 - 3 years' relevant experience

• Supervisory skills

• Problem solving

• Team Player




POSITION: Assistant Manager Accounting


LOCATION: Bloemfontein Office




      • Management of income, expense and balance sheet

      • Work closely with the finance Manager to ensure smooth operation of all finance matter;

      • Prepare Financial Statements;

      • Processing and/or approval of financial transactions on the accounting system (Cashbook I AR and General Ledger);

      • Perform monthly  journal review of clerks to ensure accuracy of Information on which financial decisions are based;

      • Reviewing of monthly  reconciliations on Debtors module to GL;

      •  Interface  between VIP and GL reconciled and salary control accounts cleared and monitored;

      • Ensuring all financial transactions are meeting legislative requirements  (e.g. VAT act I GAAP I !FRS etc.);

      • Attentive, check and implement controls to prevent irregularities that could

        result in fraud;

      • Manage and administer  electronic banking system;

      •  Maintain bank accounts;

      • Manage and administer  electronic banking system;

      • Assist and review reconciliation  of salary,call and corporate accounts to verify accuracy of financial information;

      • Compiling and submitting reports as required by management;

      • Prepare and assist with year-end facilities/procedures requests;

      • Laison with internal and external auditors;

      • Assist stakeholders 1 customers where required;

      • Supervise monthly  stock taking;

      • Approving and reviewing of orders in terms of delegation of authority  to ensure value for money and smooth operation of business. Matching Invoices to         statements and purchase orders to invoices;

      • Respond to ad-hoc forex request and arrange with financial providers  facilities (world currency r:ards etc.) for easy access to funds for Board/Executives In        other countries;

      • Accountable for strict management  of petty cash and implementation of controls for problem areas Identified;

      • Management of cell phone accounts;

      • Manage accounts receivable and control account;

      •  Monitoring aging, interacting  with debtors and solving debtor queries on a timeous basis to prevent  water restrictions and reduce debtor days. Implement         recovery actions (warnings and lawyers) in accordance to policy;

      • Any other duties that may be deemed appropriate.




  • National Diploma (Finance);
  • 3-5 years financial experience; Supervisory Skills;
  • Computer Proficiency;
  • Experience in Computerized Financial System;
  • Ability to work under pressure and meet targets




POSITION: Project Co-ordinator


LOCATION: Bloemfontein




      • Capture  information on Project  Manager Software

      • Compile  agendas  and minutes of PMO related meetings

      • Register, distribute and follow  up of submission format documents within required turnaround time

      • Project Office  Filing

      • Arranging of meetings

      • Typing of memos,agendas and letters relating to the PMO

      • Processing of purchase and payment requests  on Maximo  and Financial Intranet system

      • Project  Practice Management

      • Implementation Plan

      • Project  Management

      • Act in accordance  with  H & S procedures

      • Collate information on identified projects,in coilaboration with designated technical staff

      • Assist with  maintenance of CAPEX program

      • Support bid committees as and when  required

      • Assist with  drafting of specifications where  required

      • Observe process  flow in PMO within  required turnabout time

      • Monitor  & Verify  Projects

      • Attend  site meetings, briefing sessions and handover meetings

      • Update and provide  information on tender  spreadsheet

      • Coordinate and consolidate report on job creation

      • All reasonable and related assignments as given from  time  to time




  • Grade 12
  • Relevant  National Diploma
  • Projects  Management Qualification;
  • 2 - 3 years' experience in projects administration;
  • Experience  with Computerised Maintenance Management Systems;
  • Computer Proficiency;
  • Valid Drivers' License




POSITION: Boiler Maker


LOCATION: Bloemfontein Office




      •  Replace and repair broken valves, pipes and joints  using hand and power tools, gas torches and welding equipment

      • Clean valves with scrapers, wire brushes and cleaning solvents

      • Test and inspects boiler systems for leaks or defects

      • Install  small pre-made boilers in buildings, plants and workshops

      •  Read blueprints to Construct, assemble, maintain and repair pressure vessels

      • Align structures  or plate sections to assemble frame tanks or vats following blueprints

      • Assist in testing assembled vessels

      • Inspect  assembled vessels and individual components such as tubes, fittings, valves, controls and auxiliary  to locate any defects

      •  Install manholes, hand holes, taps,tubes,valves and feed water connections in drums of water tubes using hand tools

      •  Lay out plate, steel or other heavy metal  and locate and mark bending and cutting  lines using protractors, compasses and drawing instruments and         templates

      • Install  and mark reference points for columns on templates  following blueprints using straightedges,squares, transits  and measuring instruments

      • Observe health and safety protocols

      • Perform any other duty as performed  from time to time




  • N3 National Technical Certificate (Boiler Maker) Boiler Maker Trade certificate
  • 2 - 3 years relevant  experience
  • Computer Proficiency
  • Sound Communication  (Verbal & Written) Report Writing Skills
  • Supervisory Skills
  • Financial Management
  • The ability to read and understand reading
  • Experience in Computerized Maintenance Management System
  • Valid Drivers' License





POSITION: Mechanical Artisan (Pump Stations)


LOCATION: Modder River




     • Supervise, control and allocate specific duties to subordinates and to maintain discipline;

      • Plan and priorities mechanical maintenance, inspections fault finding and repairs in pump stations, water treatment plant, dam walls, dam, water distribution systems, boreholes and assist other departments  and regions when required;

      • Assist with the implementation of projects within the Region

      •  Manage work allocation to teams,controlling the daily shifts and ability  to work independently;

      •  Manage budget within Section

      • Perform all related administration duties such as the attendance register, leave, standby and overtime  forms for the teams

      •  Drafting and submit  written  reports to supervisor;

      •  Maintain and order spare material;

      •  Control the departmental vehicle and maintain  log book;

      • Comply with health and safety rules and regulations;

      • Ensure tools and equipment  are maintained  within  the department;

      • Must be prepared to work In a job site environment for extensive periods, pipelines and extreme conditions including heavy rains, winds, trenches, etc.

      • Perform standby duties and wok overtime  as the need arises;

      • Perform all assignments as directed from time to time




  • N3 Mechanical Technical Certificate
  • Fitter and Turner trade test certificate/Pump Specialist;
  • Communication skills
  • Computer proficiency
  • 2-3 years relevant  experience;
  • Experience in a Computerized Maintenance Management System (advantage) Supervisory Skills;
  • Knowledge of treatment plants and pump stations
  • Basic knowledge of Health and Safety
  • EB Driver's License





POSITION: Mechanical Artisan Pipelines


LOCATION: Caledon River(1), Modder River(1)




      • Repair burst pipes

      • Perform maintenance according to scheduled maintenance plan

      • Prepare and complete job cards

      •  Perform emergency  repairs as and when required and whilst on standby

      • Plan material,tools and equipment  needed to perform  work order

      •  Inspect  and number the following:  pressure vessels,step ladders, hoisting equipment  and electrical equipment

      • Perform monthly  PPE and vehicle inspection

      • Compile and submit monthly  reports to Maintenance Technician

      • Presenting Toolbox Talk to the team

      • Perform Risk Assessment before commencing any work and  Maintain administration and adherence to policies, procedures, conditions of service and code  of ethics

      •  Ensure proper completion of attendance register

      •  Observe health and safety protocols

      •  Perform any other task as assigned from time to time




  • N3 Mechanical Engineering
  • Trade Test Certificate Knowledge of pipeline Computer Proficiency
  • Knowledge of Computerized  Maintenance Management System
  • Supervisory skills
  • Report writing skills
  • Valid Drivers' License




POSITION: Environmental Officer


LOCATION: Bloemfontein Office




      • Drafting an environmental policy and related procedures and standards

      • Compiling, implementing, monitoring and reporting  internally on environmental strategies  and compliance plans as well management  systems.

      • Develop pollution control and prevention programmes

      •  Contributing to project  documents

      • Develop waste management  programmes which will include waste reduction, recycling and reusing programmes

      •  Ensure the coordination of all aspects of resource use, pollution  prevention, waste management,environmental health, risk assessment and employee involvement

      • Plan and implement  public consultation  activities,communications,training and awareness/education programmes on environmental issues.

      • Manage environmental research projects, including budgets and coordinating activities.

      •  Ensure compliance with relevant legislation, operating approvals.

      • Establish and maintain ISO 14001certified Environmental Management System(EMS)

      • Prepare compliance reports for regulators, including analysing and interpreting environmental monitoring data. Review and complete environmental audits and identify  areas for improvement.

      • Train staff and others to ensure corporate environmental awareness

      • Monitoring projects and visiting  sites, conducting site inspections and reviews.

  • Promote public awareness and education.

      • Coordinate environmental impact assessments where applicable.

      •  Develop climate change mitigation and adaptation strategy  including developing the carbon footprint

      • Liaise with various governmental departments to ensure compliance.

      • Observe Health and Safety protocols

      • All assignments directed from time to time




  • Relevant national diploma/degree  (Environmental Sciences/ Environmental Engineering)
  • A broad understanding of environmental  issues combined with expertise and experience in project development  and management.
  • 2- 3 years environmental experience
  • Valid Drivers' license
  • Computer Proficiency
  • Report Writing and Presentation Skills
  • Sound Communication Skills
  • Interpersonal Skills





POSITION: Fleet Manager


LOCATION: Bloemfontein Office




      • Manage the execution, direction and coordination of all transportation matters within the organization

      • Coordinate, administer and monitor maintenance,repair,replacement and of logistics company vehicles

      • Ensure maintenance programmes are carried out as per schedule and monitor costs repair performance

      • Supervise and if necessary undertake the timely  repair servicing of damaged vehicles in order to minimize to minimize  downtime

      • Manage inventory  of spare parts in order to ensure adequate supply of spares

      •  Conduct analysis of vehicle status and make recommendation  for timely replacement, including type of vehicles,spares etc. in order to improve cost­ efficiency

      • Control the movement  of vehicles between departments  and regions

      • Provide recommendations for lowering vehicle-operating expenses and enforced within field operations

      • Review and update fleet related policies regularly

      • Ensure all vehicle operation policies and systems are up to date within field operations

      • Observe all health and safety protocols

      • Perform any other task as assigned from time to time




  • B degree In logistics Management
  • Minimum of 5 years' experience in fleet focused role
  • Experience in logistics/transport
  • Computer proficiency Valid Drivers' License Report writing skills





POSITION: Administrative Officer Fleet


LOCATION: Bloemfontein Office




      • Ensure that all appointments pertaining to vehicle tracking  installations and servicing of vehicles are kept and maintained and all the necessary resources are available

      • Load all accidents/incidents information on spreadsheets

      • Manage dealings with insurance for the vehicle

      • Manage maintenance and inspections on regular basis

      • Ensure vehicles licenses are up to date

      • Complete all delegated reports, accidents, fuel usage etc.

      • Schedule jobs with service providers pertaining to vehicle servicing, panel beating,appointments,etc.

      • Follow up on outstanding  fines with other departments

      • Receive, consolidate and process all invoices to finance department

      • Be on standby should there be any breakdowns

      • Any other task as assigned from time to time




  • Grade 12 or equivalent
  • Minimum of two years in fleet management
  • Technical and mechanical automotive knowledge
  • Computer proficiency
  • Attention to detail and accuracy





POSITION: Process Controller


LOCATION: Caledon River(2), Modder River(2), Orange River(2)




      • Ensure that the quantity  of water treated meets the demand

      • Assume full responsibility for treatment  process whilst on duty

      • Desludging performed when required

      • Backwash of filters when required

      • Calculation of chemical dosages and the recording thereof

      • Adjust chemical dosages according to raw water flow and NTU

      • Operation of pump station

      • Manage reservoir levels

      • Change of chlorine cylinders

      • Proactive problem solving

      • Compilation of reports

      • Adhere to Health & Safety standards in all plants and pump stations

      • Perform Lab tests

      • Any reasonable and relevant duties as assignment from time to time




  • Grade 12
  • DWAS Classification (Class 3 and above) Valid drivers' License
  • 3 - 5 years'water care experience
  • Computer literate
  • Basic knowledge of Health and Safety
  • Knowledge of treatment piants and pump stations




POSITION: Maintenance Technician


LOCATION: Bloemfontein Office




      • Manage,coordinate and supervise maintenance activities within the region;

      • Applying preventative and corrective maintenance within the region on (i.e. Pump Stations,Pipelines,Treatment Plant and associated equipment and equipment and tools);

      • Liaison with the Maintenance Manager;

      • Participate in plant audits and assessments;

      • Participate in preventative  planning;

      • Participate in development  of SOP's;

      • Participate in the development of master plans (metering, boreholes etc.);

      • Management of maintenance staff and service provider activities  within the region;

      • Ensure compliance to relevant policies and legislation (Overtime 1 Standby/leave   policies,BCEA);

      • Budgeting control and management;

      • Creating work orders;

      • Manage maintenance programs in terms of Computerized Management System;

      • Manage and oversee fleet activities in region;

      • Maintenance Planning for the region;

      • Ensure adherence to policy and procedures, conditions of service and code of Ethics;

      • Abide by all Health and Safety protocols and procedures;

      • Identification and reporting  of problem areas In the water supply system;

      • All assignments as directed from time to time;




  • Relevant National Diploma/Degree
  • 3-5 experienced in the maintenance management discipline
  • Computerized Maintenance Management System;
  • Valid Drivers' License;
  • Computer Proficiency;
  • Problem Solving;
  • Leadership Skills.





POSITION: Artisan Assistant Plant and Dam


LOCATION: Modder River Region




      • Maintain the buildings by painting, plastering and doing minor plumbing work on the structures

      • Assist with repairing broken gates and fences as and when necessary

      • Assist in uncovering and covering manholes with and burst pipes to enable the maintenance teams to do necessary repairs.

      • Repair and maintain the reservoir  walls by sealing the walls and cleaning inside and outside of the reservoir

      • Provide driving services to the maintenance and repair teams by driving them and delivering tools whenever repairs and/or maintenance required

      • Conduct weekly Inspections and report faults on machinery on inspection list.

      • Perform functions as required e.g. Welding, digging of trenches, washing and maintenance of machinery,tools and equipment.

      •  Observe health and safety protocols

      • Any other task assigned from time to time




  • Grade 9
  • 2 - 3 years' experience
  • Valid Drivers' License




POSITION: Mechanical Artisan Pump Station


LOCATION: Modder River




      • Install, repair,service and maintain pipes,valves, pumps, meters and related mechanical machinery,equipment and plant, as per Maximo job card

      • Ensure availability  of all emergency material/tools at all times

      • Supervise, control and allocate specific duties to subordinates and to maintain discipline

      • Plan and prioritise mechanical maintenance,inspections, fault finding and repairs in Treatment Plants and Dam Walls

      • Assist with inspections,fault  finding and repair duties in areas such as, pump stations, water distribution systems, boreholes and assist other departments  and regions when required

      • Assist with the management of projects within the Region

      • Team work, work allocation to teams, controlling the daily shifts and be able to work independently

      • Manage and control budget within Section

      • Perform administration duties such as the attendance register,leave,standby and overtime forms for the teams but not limited

      • Drafting and submit written reports to supervisor

      • Maintain and order spare material

      • Comply with health and safety rules and regulations

      • Perform standby duties and wok overtime as the need arises

      • Perform all assignments as directed from time to time




  • N3 National Technical Certificate - Fitter/Fitter and Turner
  • Fitter and Turner trade test certificate Ability to read, write and speak English Computer Proficiency
  • 2-3 years relevant experience
  • Supervisory Skills
  • Knowledge of treatment plants and pump stations
  • Report writing skills
  • Financial management
  • Basic knowledge of Health and Safety
  • The ability to read and understand drawings
  • Experience in a Computerized Maintenance Management System (advantage)
  • EB Driver's License





POSITION: Plant Superintendent


LOCATION: Orange River Region




      • Calculate of monthly  chemical costs and maintaining  of appropriate chemical stock levels;

      •  Attend Regional Stakeholder meetings;

      •  Prepare annual budget in terms of agreed templates, criteria and timeframes;

      •  Ensure Optimization chemical dosage;

      •  Assist with Planning and arranging of annual cleaning of reservoirs;

      •  Ensure regular cleaning and maintenance of treatment  process units;

      •  Assist with pipeline failures as and when required;

      •  Report minor maintenance work on reservoirs, plant and pump stations;

      •  Ensure that meter readings are done at the required time, data captured and approved on Intranet;

      •  Ensure that meter readings are captured and approved on Intranet;

      •  Ensure that bacteriological, chemical and physical samples are taken fortnightly, delivered to service providers and attending to feedback/report outcomes

      •  Verification of bulk billing meters;

      •  To pro-actively  plan plant operation for 24 hours in advance;

      •  Coordinating and approval of leave;

      •  Overseeing of disciplinary matters;

      •  Performance assessments for Senior Process Controllers and Lab Technicians;

      •  Overtime, shifts and standby planned and managed properly;

      •  Develop,maintain and observe SOP's;

      •  Compile Operational report to Regional Manager;

      •  Compile Chemical usage, pump readings, lab-averages of tests report;

      •  Monthly and quarterly reporting to Bloemfontein Office and DWS

      •  Blue Drop Assessment

      •  Production Report

      •  Adhere to H & S standards in all plants and pump stations(Operations matters)

      •  All reasonable assignments as directed from time to time




  • ND: Water Care/Chemical Engineering/Equivalent;
  • Seven (7), Seven to Ten (7-10)  experience in Water Treatment Plants;
  • Class V Classification with DWS;
  • Computer Proficiency (MS Word,PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel,etc.);
  • Computerized Maintenance Management System(Optional);
  • Valid Drivers' License;
  • Technical Report Writing;




Bloem Water is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer. The intention is to promote  representivity in the organization  through the filling of vacancies.


Send your application with comprehensive CV and supporting documents to:


The Executive Human Resource

P.O. Box 30121





Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted. Should you not receive a response within 4 weeks of the closing date of the advertisement, consider your application as unsuccessful.


Bloem Water reserves the right not to appoint.




Closing Date: 06 JULY 2018








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